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Bharatnatyam is traditionally a team performance art that consists of a solo dancer, accompanied by musicians and one or more singers. The theory behind the musical notes, vocal performance and the dance movement trace back to the ancient Natya Shastra, and many Sanskrit and Tamil texts such as the Abhinaya Darpana.


Bharatnatyam - Rich Indian Classical Dance Style

'Bharatnatyam' is an ancient and classical yet famous dance form of India even to this day. It is one of the oldest traditional dances that has been perfected and practiced for over a thousand years. Bharatnatyam is also associated with indian mythology that has been pass on from one generation to another, going through various assessments to attain the present shape.

The dance is mostly solo and depicts feminine nature which carries the grace and tenderness. There are common themes that are displayed during the dance. Themes mostly are of love and devotion towards god. Such emotions are performed by showing a mothers love for her child or how a devotee loves his/her diety etc. 'Bharatnatyam' is usually called the fire dance, where the dance imitates the dance of the god of destruction that exhibits the wrath.

The ancient Indian dance further consists of two major dance styles, 'Pallandur' and 'Vazhuvoor' which gives the dance a magnificent approach. The typical characteristics of the styles comprises sitting positions on the ground and the standing positions while moving and jumping.

The prominent aspects of the dance are mainly of three types: languages of gestures mimes and poses, rhythmic and repetitive elements and the last one being subtle and spontaneous expressions.

Bharatnatyam' has the musical accompaniment of 'Carnatic' style with timing over the melody using two instruments. One of them is called the 'mridangam' (drum) and the other is called 'cymbals'. 'Mridangam' contributes to the fractional broad beats and 'cymbals' adds to the timing thus enhancing the dance.

The most fascinating aspect of 'Bharatnatyam' is that its roots are deep into mythological heritage of India. Hence, the reason behind the illustriousness of 'Bharatnatyam' is what lies in its grace, purity, status, tenderness and 'sculpturesque' poses.


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