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My journey with Mr Surekha Shinde is hardly of 2 months, but the journey is really great and amazing. Meeting ma’am had been a life changing experience for me. Few months back I accidentally noticed a yoga class in my neighborhood. The very next day I went and enquired about the class and also discussed about my health issues with ma’am, talking to ma’am was great and the very movement I felt from heart to join the class without any further second thought. At the age of 48 I was suffering from Osteoporosis and necessary treatment was going on. I faced a lot of difficulties in bending, folding legs, walking was also big problem ,foot was always swollen due to pain and used to spend sleepless nights due to pain and funny part was I am teacher by profession. So I was really frustrated with problem and doctor had adviced me to lose weight. So I felt this is the right time to join yoga class. I joined yoga class on 1st April ,slow and steadily started the class under the guidance of Mrs Surekha ma’am. After completion of month of yoga practice I started noticing that there was no pain in my knee, I could easily sit and bend my legs. I was overjoyed and motivated and made it a point to never miss the single class. My fitness, stamina and shape improved and so did my discipline, consistency and will power. Today I attempt all the asanas which ma’am teaches. Definitely for all this the credit and my heartfelt gratitude goes to my yoga guru Mrs Surekha Shinde ,who taught us so patiencly who correct me in all the possible ways while performing asanas. A very good thing about Surekhaji is willing to teaches us more. In future I would like to continue my yoga journey with ma’am. Thank u Surekhaji for your commitment ,Sincerity and being our motivational support